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The Objectives of the Council are to promote the Land Surveying Profession by:


  • Protecting the public and promoting harmony, cooperation , and mutual understanding among all professional land surveyors and others involved in the surveying profession.


  • Cooperating with other organizations, public bodies, etc. in all matters of common interest.


  • Insuring that the high ethical professional standards required of a professional land surveyor are maintained in accordance with the "Code of Ethics" of the Council.


  • Promoting the professional and economic welfare of the members comprising the council.


  • Acting as a clearing house and information center, on all matters of mutual interest among the members and between the members and the general public.


  • Advising and Recommending the enactment of legislation on a state and national basis in the common interest of the public and the professional land surveyor, and to oppose all legislation which is discriminatory or inimical thereto and to assist the membership fo the Council in state or local matters which may have a baring on the general interest of the professional land surveyor.


UCLS Standards of Practice 2010


Code of Ethics


UCLS Bylaws


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