Standards & Ethics Committee

Committee Mission Statement:

"The UCLS Standards and Ethic Committee is dedicated to develop, review and promote professional standards and ethics of the land surveyors."

Committee Goals

A. Develop Committee Bylaws

i. DOPL Advisory Responsibilities

ii. Processing and Work Flow of Complaints

iii. Committee Members being unbiased

iv. Follow up on action items

v. Committee Member Attendance

B. Review and update UCLS Code of Ethics

C. Inform, Educate, and Communicate with UCLS Members

D. Develop a sample survey contract

E. Review and update UCLS Model Standards of Practice for Boundary Surveys

F  Review NSPS Standards

G. Develop UCLS Model Standards of Practice for Construction Surveys

H. Develop UCLS Model Standards of Practice for Topographic Surveys


The committee has made the following committee policy by majority vote:

1. "The Standards and Ethics Committee acts as a resource to the Department of Professional Licensing (DOPL).  when the committee is requested by DOPL to review a survey competency issue, the committee will review the information provided and respond with an opinion.  When the UCLS Standards and Ethics Committee is asked to review a survey competency issue brought by an individual or fellow professional they will perform a cursory review of the information provided, then refer the matter to DOPL with an opinion."

2. A complaint against an unregistered person or a licensed surveyor may be made anonymously.  The complaint may be made to DOPL investigation at (801) 530-6250, on the DOPL website  or by contacting the chair of the Standards and Ethics Committee.

3.  Every effort will be made to protect the identity of the surveyor and affiliate company, having a complaint issued against them.  It is the practice of the committee, that only the committee chair and the DOPL investigator knows the identity of the surveyor or company.  This will enhance confidentially, impartial judgment, and liability protection for all involved.

4. Opinions from the committee, to DOPL, will be written by the committee chair under the direction of the committee, and then forwarded to the UCLS Chair for appropriate action.

Committee structure

Chair: Matt Clark, 435-843-3404

5. Continued committee membership shall require attendance at two thirds of the committee meetings held per calendar year.  The UCLS chair and chair-elect will not be held under the same attendance restrictions as other committee members.

6. The Committee will select future committee members, by invitation, from a UCLS committee volunteer list.


The Committee has reviewed and made proposed changes to four items of the UCLS Code of Ethics.  When the review and changes are completed for the entire Code of Ethics, they will be forwarded to the UCLS State Executive Board for action.

If  there are any comments or ideas about the items the committee is working on, please contact the committee chair.

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