Upcoming Events

Golden Spike Chapter Meeting August 13, 2015

UCLS Convention 2016 -  tentatively February 17-19, 2016, St. George


UCLS By-laws Proposed Changes

The UCLS Board is proposing some changes to the by-laws.  These changes will be voted on during the fall elections.  Licensed members - please take a few minutes to go over the proposed changes so that you will be informed and prepared to vote by clicking on the following link:  UCLS By-laws with Proposed Changes



The UCLS Convention was a great success.  Thanks to all who participated and attended.  Below are some of the handouts.  Some are too big to post on our website.

Creating and Transferring Rights

PLSS Descriptions Handouts

UDOT Presentation #1






With the recent news of the Heartbleed security vulnerability, we wanted to assure you that this vulnerability does not affect your MemberClicks service.  All traffic is routed through a Cisco load balancer that does not employ OpenSSL, which is the source of the vulnerability.


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