UCLS Membership Online Application


The Utah Council of Land Surveyors strives to establish common interests of all individuals engaged in the surveying profession; to define a standard of care intent on protecting the public welfare while encouraging professional ethics and sound surveying practices; to promote public awareness of professional land surveyors and their work; and to mentor the next generation of surveyors.


Local - Your local chapter represents you in local issues. Through your chapter representative to the UCLS State Board, the individual member can have input in directing the course UCLS will take.

State - The land surveyor is represented at the state level through a proactive legislative program, legislative advocacy and a legislative consultant, plus liaison with the Utah State Board of Licensing and Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing.

Regional - UCLS is an active member of the Western Federation of Professional Surveyors (WFPS). This federation is composed of associations throughout the western United States that are similar to UCLS, and addresses regional issues.

National - Through institutional affiliation the the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS), UCLS is represented at the national level. UCLS has an NSPS Governor representing Utah’s interest on the NSPS Board of Governors.


UCLS offers educational and continuing competency programs each year, and at a reduced cost to its members. The annual conferences offer technical, professional, business and managerial programs at all levels, along with exhibits of the latest in surveying and computing technology advancements. Seminars, workshops and roundtables are held to present continuing education opportunities. The Utah Foresights is published quarterly as the official journal of the professional land surveyors of Utah. The focus of this award-winning publication is to impart news and information, to provide a forum for exchange of views, to provide educational material, commentaries and papers, and to serve as a communication medium and historical record of the activities of UCLS.
UCLS maintains a part-time office which is available to answer questions, provide referrals, serve as the central clearinghouse for member services, and address business and administrative functions of the association.